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We are creating a whole new way to help the planet from day
to day consumerism by letting businesses from around the world unite for one global initiative!

Save Our Forest


Prevent local forest fires by purchasing Qude or shopping at businesses that are Powered by Qude.

Video games


Digital landscapes are now helping to impact the real world! Your favorite video games just powered up with Qude to regenerate the planet.

Save Our Forest


We love animals and want to help as much as we can. We are working with groups from around the world to manage lands to keep their homes safe.

Save Our Forest


Qude is a brand new eco-impact credit that helps business offset their carbon footprint and shows customers how green and impactful an organization actually is.

What is QUDE?

Qude is a brand new global digital eco-credit system that improves on the current carbon credit system.

Qude provides businesses with transparent verification of land regeneration efforts that result in net positive environmental impact.

To learn more and start making an impact, learn more on how to add an eco-edge for better business.